V-RAY RENDERING SOFTWARE is the standard for speed, reliability and ease of use.  It has rightfully earned its place as the rendering engine of choice at many renowned international studios. With our V-RAY Render Farm, we offer fast render times at an affordable price, using the best software.  Currently, V-RAY supports a wide range of programs, a few being: 3ds Max, Maya and Pdplayer.

V-RAY DENOISER,  CUT RENDER TIMES BY UP TO 50%  The new V-Ray Denoising technology enables you to slash your render times by up to 50%. The tool gives you both the original render and the ‘denoised’ version in order to give you more control. Denoising, a non-destructive method, used progressively while rendering or simply after rendering. It comes with full support for animation and allows for enhanced blending between individual frames with the standalone version of the tool.


RenderFarm Studio is a UK based render farm service, highly dedicated and motivated business, working hard in order to bring down both the overall cost of rendering but also the time it takes to render your project.  No matter the size to ensure your animation or still images.

Also, whilst your project is rendering away on our render farm, you’ll be free to use your personal computer to do various activities. You could stream a movie, play a game or talk to friends over social media.  By using our service you are now freeing up both your time and your computer. Giving you the freedom to do whatever you want in your free time.

Finally, Make the smart choice and use of our fast, efficient and cost-effective UK based render farms.

You can utilise the most affordably priced render farm in the UK you can quote here. Alternatively, please give us a call on 01473 276180 or send us an email at contact@renderfarmstudio.com